About Hammer and Feather


Hammer & Feather brings our indigenous and exotic landscape indoors through unique furniture design and expert craftsmanship. 
Traditional methods meet modern perspectives as each piece is individually handcrafted under the care of an experienced maker. 
All timber used is sustainably sourced and  incorporated to be long lasting and durable. 
The beauty of mother nature's timber gives Hammer & Feather's bespoke furniture its standout quality. 
Thoughtful designs showcase the elements of every piece, making them art as much as function.


The process begins with individually selecting native, high-end furniture timbers. A thorough investigation is essential to ensure all materials and finishes used are ethically sourced and taken with a minimal environmental footprint.

The next step is to incorporate the organic character of each element into individual pieces that will endure through the years. 

Each piece is individually handcrafted, ensuring great attention to detail. 
Finally, each piece is delivered straight to your home.

Browse our current listings to discover the many ways you can feature the natural beauty of Hammer & Feather designs in your home.